Activity areas

We offer days packed full of activities as they help in the physical, academic, social and spiritual development of the child. At Kidz Safari, we balance learning with nurturing and play time. Flexing little muscles is an essential part of their development. Balance, coordination and motor skills are developed around the safe equipments used in the outdoor activity area under a guided supervision of teachers and attendants. Children have an enormous amount of energy that needs to be channelized in a positive manner. Enjoying in open air toy zone and safe play area not only gives them thrill and pleasure, but also results in their overall development.

   Audio Visual Room

This is a wonderful facility that is simultaneously engrossing and educative for the children. In this area, the kids watch educative CDs, Cartoon Films and other material that buttress the concepts of the month. Audio Visual also aids teaching and is extremely useful for clarifying concepts to the children.

   Class Rooms

Children learn best when they are in a secure and happy environment. Ambience is one of the greatest assets we have. The colourful and AC Class rooms are aesthetically designed with innovative displays that enable the children to look forward to coming to school, keeping their hygiene and comfort intact. These well equipped and theme based class rooms as the names depict- Creative Caterpillars, Dynamic Dolphins, Brilliant Bees etc are the best place to kick-start an excellent day.

   Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre and storytelling inspires the imagination and at the same time helps to understand values and moral of each act in a playful manner.

   Sand Pit, Ball Pool & Water pool

Unravelling infinite opportunities for our children to learn and grow is a part of our everyday routine. This is the right age to get messy and have fun. We allow the children to have lots of fun with sand by creating images on the sand as this is the best way to develop fine motor skills.

   Trampoline, Bouncy, Balancing Beam

All these devices are helpful in developing balancing & motor skills of children e.g. in case of trampoline/bouncy, the floor is in constant motion and the jumpers quickly become aware of their centre of gravity so children gradually develops the sense of coordination of balance. So the jumping increases one's motor skills and the bilateral functions of the brain. Also Jumping on a trampoline/Bouncy strengthens the muscles of the feet and all the muscles up to the stomach muscles. It is also very beneficial for increasing the density of the bones and preventing fractures.

   Educational Toys

Kids are eager to learn about the world around them. Every new colour, shape, texture, taste & sound is a learning experience for them. Giving them toys help them discover senses & encourage them to learn about letters, numbers & language skills. Educational toys provides them with an opportunity to have fun while learning these skills. Educational toys make the education enjoyable which develops a positive attitude towards learning.


We have provided with AC cabs so that our tiny tots could be saved from the outside scorching heat. Child safety is our prime concern. So, the parking for the school vans is reserved closest to the gate. All children are made to sit in the vans only after taking the attendance of the children. Each van is escorted by atleast one attendants.