A school cannot buy its spirit as it buys its textbook, nor can this spirit be supplied as basic equipment. School spirit is built up within the school itself. The staff of the school plays a vital part in helping a school to get a healthy spirit. At Kidz Safari, we are fortunate enough to get some highly talented staff which in turn helped us to reach the no.1 spot in Greenfields & surrounding areas.
Every Kidz Safari teacher has to mandatorily undergo iLLUMNAIRE. At iLLUMNAIRE, teachers learn, share information and receive in-depth training on iLLUME. - iLLUMNAIRE is the well researched and structured training program wherein teachers are equipped with skills required to be an iLLUME teacher. This training is dynamic, insightful and stresses on hands-on skills which ensures that they are fully equipped to facilitate children's development and education.
Through iLLUMNAIRE, the teachers are equipped to understand and nurture the uniqueness of each child so that they can be the best of themselves. Moreover, Kidz Safari teachers undergo regular seminars and workshops organized by Kidz Safari. These seminars and workshops are conducted by professionals on various topics such as ECCE, child psychology, child development etc.
Every workshop is designed to give teachers powerful, effective and practical techniques which are easy to incorporate in their daily functioning and even easier to use with children.

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Our Staff Members